March Issue of Student Health 101

Please check out the March edition of Student Health 101, online at .

The March issue has some great articles including

  • The Five Elements of Fitness
  • Feed Your Body, Nourish Your Mind
  • The 8 Hour Advantage: Discover the Science Behind Shut-eye What’s Your Learning Style?
  • The Study Drug Debate: Do They Create an Academic Advantage?
  • UCookbook: Fast Food or Comfort Food Makeovers
  • FitnessU: Gym-Free Exercise
  • NEW $ amount this month…Remember to enter the drawing to win $2,500!!!

Dr. Scott Swartzwelder (the Hangover 3 speaker) talked abut the use of Study Drugs to enhance academics.  The scientific studies claimed that perhaps more pages are written but they may be of lesser quality.  See what this article has to say…

Thanks for taking the time to read Student Health 101!  Let us know what you think!

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