Open house for Weight Watchers on January 7th!

Weight Watchers Health Solutions logoWeight Watchers will be hosting an Open House  on Tuesday, January 7th, at noon, in The Commons room 214. Come meet Tina Pegg, our friendly leader, and see what the program is all about. Here is some recent research that highlights the effectiveness of the Weight Watchers program for individuals who want to improve their health by losing weight and establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Lose 8X more weight with WW than the DIY approach

  • The American Journal of Medicine1 published an article on-line this week that highlighted results of a 6-month randomly controlled, clinical trial of the Weight Watchers approach. Study results indicated that using the Weight Watchers approach, including weekly meetings, mobile applications and online tools, people lost significantly more weight than those who tried to lose weight on their own (10.1 lbs. vs. 1.3 lbs. respectively).
  • The Baylor College of Medicine researchers and study authors also found that those following the Weight Watchers approach were 8X more likely to reach a 5% weight loss than those who tried to lose weight on their own.
    • A weight loss of 5% or more is clinically significant because it can help improve health markers, such as helping reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and improving blood sugar levels, according to the CDC.

Visit the Weight Watchers Science Center to read more or contact Human Resources to learn more.

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