New Phone System in 2014

When will this happen?

  • All office phones were replaced by the end of October 2014

What capabilities are provided by the new phones?

Here is a partial list of capabilities:

  • Speakerphone
  • Personal and University directory
  • Distinctive ring
  • Voicemail delivered to e-mail. This option will be enabled unless you specify otherwise.
  • Caller ID

A new online fax solution is being implemented in coordination with the phone project

How can I prepare for the new phone system?

  • Keep up with your voicemail from day to day; voicemail in the current phone system will not transfer to the new phone system
  • Familiarize yourself with the new phone system, with these training materials:

What is this?

  • Information Technology Services will update phone service for all faculty and staff to incorporate a technology called Voice over IP, which uses the data network to transmit phone signals.
  • NEC of America is the vendor for the new phone system, which will replace the current Rolm phones and eZuce Polycom phones.
  • The solution also includes an online fax component, allowing faxes to be sent and received through computers.

Why is W&L implementing it?

  • An increasing number of W&L employees have been asking for updated phones; the current Rolm system is more than 20 years old.
  • The new phone system will provide a single telephony platform, simplifying use for faculty and staff and administration for ITS.
  • The new phone system will meet basic telephony needs of faculty and staff and can grow and adapt to accommodate W&L’s future needs, in terms of capacity and advanced features.
  • Features of the new phone system include voicemail integrated with e-mail, modernized handsets and improved capabilities for conference calls.

How will this affect me?

  • All faculty and staff who use phones will receive new handsets.
  • ITS will provide you with advance notice on the transition, working with each department to create a schedule.
  • ITS will provide several training options. These will include written documentation (including a one-page, quick-start guide) and face-to-face training.
  • Phone service will not be disrupted during the transition.

How was NEC chosen?

  • ITS staff met with more than 50 W&L faculty, staff and administrators, and asked detailed questions about their use of telephones and their expectations for phone and other communication technology.
  • Based on the criteria specified by these employees, ITS created a detailed document outlining our needs and invited 17 leading vendors to submit proposals.
  • The proposal by NEC of America was chosen by ITS, based on features and capabilities, price, ease of implementation and vendor reputation. NEC presented a solution that was carefully tailored to W&L’s environment and reflected a thorough and professional approach toward support and implementation. The Fortune 500 company is a worldwide leader in communications, network and IT solutions and has extensive experience in serving higher education.
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