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In today’s healthcare market, people who don’t bother to compare prices before receiving  care can end up spending a lot more money. Even within the same zip code, one provider might charge twice as much as another for the same service. We as Americans shop around to save a nickel on gas or a gallon of milk, so why not do the same with your healthcare?

Here are some tips for controlling your costs and becoming a proactive health consumer:

Know your plan. Read your insurance plan carefully so you know what you are  responsible for when it comes to receiving care.

Know before you go. If you haven’t met your deductible, it’s a good idea to know how much your service will cost before you visit the doctor.

Ask about lower-cost options. Ask your doctor for alternative treatment locations, and find out the relative costs.

Keep a paper trail. Keep track of all treatments, tests, and medications and review your bill to make sure you are not being improperly charged.

Take prevention seriously. The best way to keep healthcare costs low is to stay healthy!

Your Personal Health Advocate can help you with all of these money-saving tips and more!
Read more from this month’s Member Newsletter at http://www.healthadvocate.com/_mobile/downloads/communications-pdfs/coremember/core_nl_feb2014.pdf.

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