Dining out Mexican style

Weight Watchers Health Solutions logoToday is Cinco de Mayo! If you enjoy Mexican cuisine you’re in luck, because we’ve included an article on dining out Mexican style, along with a recipe that can help you enjoy this festive holiday Weight Watchers style.

The article “Let’s Go Out for Mexican!” explains that authentic Mexican cuisine is usually lighter and more flavorful than the Tex-Mex options we often encounter. The article gives you great tips on what to watch for, and what to avoid.

But before you head out, be sure to read Enjoy Every Bite. It’s filled with tips and the important reminder that if you take the time to eat slowly and savor every mouthful, you may actually eat less and enjoy your meals more.

Stuck on a plateau? It can happen to anyone – and there are many reasons for it. When Plateaus Strike explains plateaus, and helps you get unstuck so you can start losing again.

And finally a Cinco de Mayo recipe that gives you more reason to celebrate. This no-cook Creamy Mexican Sauce adds a spicy kick to your favorite Mexican dishes, but comes with a PointsPlus® value per serving of 0!

Resource: Weight Watchers Quickbites

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