NEC Phones and Voicemail

The new NEC phone system being deployed at W&L this year allows faculty and staff to access their voicemail messages in e-mail. The system also provides access to voicemail via phone, and some faculty and staff who access messages in this way have encountered delays. The delays can be eliminated in one of two ways:

  1. Reduce the number of e-mails in your inbox. Tip: move messages you want to keep into a “temporary” or “read later” folder. Having a large number of e-mails in your inbox increases the time required to retrieve your voicemail via phone, because the system searches your inbox for new voicemail.
  2. Contact the Information Desk ( and mention that you are experiencing long delays in accessing voicemail via the phone. ITS can change a setting that should help resolve the problem.

Many faculty and staff find it more convenient to access voicemail in e-mail, rather than dialing in with a phone and navigating through menu choices.  Voicemail messages have a distinctive appearance:

voicemail in email


Just click the message, open the attachment (a WAV sound file) and play the message.

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