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Important Health Insurance Information – Anthem Breach

This message is to clarify information being mailed by Anthem regarding the data breach they experienced in December 2014; and to encourage you to be proactive and take the steps outlined below to help protect you and your family members from possible identity theft.  If you do not have access [...]

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The NEW Health Advocate Blog

from Health Advocate …
Our new Health and Wellness Blog, accessible from your member website, features helpful articles to help you get—and stay—healthy.  Visit the Health Advocate blog for:
•  Reliable health and safety tips
•  Wellness advice to help you eat right, get fit, and reduce your stress
•  Tips and tricks to help you save [...]

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Have You Used Health Advocate ?

Have you used Health Advocate?  Here’s what the Director of Hillel, Megan McLean says about her experience …
“I recently had an issue with a medical bill and Kim suggested that I call Health Advocate.  The person I spoke to was incredibly kind and emailed me right away to explain what I needed [...]

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LiveHealth Online

from Anthem …
What are 5 things parents always need in their bags?  Wipes, snacks, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and the LiveHealth Online app on their phones.
Parents need to be prepared for all sorts of things.  And because kids can get sick anytime, anywhere, the LiveHealth Online app brings a doctor right [...]

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Anthem’s Monthly Newsletter (Inside My Plan)

Included in this month’s edition …

Find a doctor online 24/7/365
Taxes and health coverage – what you need to know.  Don’t pay a tax penalty if you had health coverage in 2014.
Tips to get the most out of your health plan
Take control of health care spending with our improved Estimate Your [...]

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Anthem Data Breach Information

Anthem has begun to mail letters to individuals affected by the data breach they experienced in December.  Letters are being mailed in batches and it could take another several weeks for all letters to be mailed.  The letters are addressed to the individuals whose information was breached so your household [...]

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RetireWise Session 4: Making the Most of What You Have

retirewise® is a complimentary retirement education opportunity provided by Washington and Lee University. It offers the tools you need to clarify your goals and take action. In this upcoming session, you will review the benefits your employer offers, together with other benefits for a clear understanding of how they fit [...]

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March Newsletter from Carilion Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Click here for this month’s edition and you’ll find the following article and others.
Be an Active Listener to Improve Relationships
Active listening” is a critical skill for professional counselors.  It’s used to help clients  feel  they are being truly heard. The term “active listening” actually originated in business literature to help [...]

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5 Money Matters That May Keep You Up At Night

This month’s Personal Finance eNewsletter from TIAA-CREF includes the following articles:

Outlook on the markets & the economy
Quick quiz:  What’s your investment IQ?

The article, 5 money matters that may keep you up at night, is included below.
According to a 2014 Gallup poll, 54% of Americans are concerned about money and retirement. [...]

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Free Retirement Income Planning Webcast

Designed for individuals age 50 and above, this webcast is designed to help you:

Determine when you may be able to retire
Understand the different ways you can claim Social Security
Prepare for the five key retirement risks

You do not need to be a Fidelity participant to register.  Once registered, you will receive an email confirmation and [...]

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