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25Live Training Offered in Summer

Information Technology Services will offer training sessions on 25Live, the new event and space scheduling tool at W&L, beginning Tuesday, June 14 and continuing through the summer. Sign up here:
The training covers varying levels of complexity:

Basics: for everyone, including those who occasionally view room/space availability and need to make a reservation
Task Approvers and Reports and Search: for those who approve event- and space-related requests, as well as those who require data on space usage.

More information on 25Live is available here:
New Event and Room Scheduling Tool at W&L

Questions? Contact the Information Desk at x4357 or

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ITS Hosts CLAC Conference June 14-16

Next week, ITS is proud to host the 28th Annual CLAC Conference on our beautiful campus. I wanted you to be aware that 130 visitors will be descending upon us next Tuesday through Thursday.
CLAC (Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges, is a consortium of 70 member institutions focused on sharing technology information among peers, to support and advance the liberal arts.
Many in ITS will be pulling extra-duty as event planners, hosts, presenters, moderators, tour guides and more, all to help make this a successful event. Our goal is to continue supporting your daily needs next week. But I ask for your patience; it may take some additional time to respond during these few conference days. As always, we are prepared to manage critical issues.
Finally, I would like to thank many from across campus for the support we have received in preparation for this conference: Special Programs, for coordination of lodging; Facilities, for event setup, residential hall preparation and work on our beautiful grounds; Construction Administration for deferring work and easing the paths around renovation landmines; Student Affairs for allowing us to run amok in Elrod; Catering for the creative events they will support both evenings; and many others.
We are looking forward to showcasing the W&L community while hosting this national event.
– David Saacke, Chief Technology Officer

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PHISH: Subject: SV: ICT ​Technical Support !

ICT ​Technical Support
We are migrating all  email accounts into  Outlook Web App 2016 and as such all active Account Holder are to verify and Log in for the upgrade and migration to take effect now. This is done to improve the security and efficiency due to recent spam mails received.
Click <<LINK REMOVED>> ICT Technical Support to migrate and block further Spam mails.

ICT Team,
Outlook Services for Staff and Internet services

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PHISH: Subject: You have 3 messages from your faculty admin

From: Blackboard Learning [mailto:no-reply at]
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2016 12:55 PM
Subject: You have 3 messages from your faculty admin
Dear member : username  at
Your faculty admin left 3 important courses for this semester on your blackboard learning.
click here to read message.  <<LINK REMOVED>>
Blackboard  ITS

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PHISH: Subject: IT Services Maintenance

For the latest maintenance updates and IT System Alerts, please visit <<LINK REMOVED>>  for you account update
All staff  may experience the loss of services (applications) during these processes.
Information Technology Services,

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PHISH: Subject: Staff/Faculty Service Desk

Sent: Monday, May 23, 2016 12:13 PM
Subject: RE: Staff/Faculty Service Desk
Importance: High
Dear Staff/Faculty.
Due to the congestion and quota limit in all users accounts, Would be increasing all user quota limit to 100GB data storage. Click here <<LINK REMOVED>> to increase quota
System Administrator

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New Phishing Quiz Required When Account Compromised

Information Technology Services has created an online tutorial and quiz to teach the W&L community to recognize phishing attempts. Those who respond to phishing attempts and compromise their accounts will be required to complete the tutorial and quiz before regaining access to their accounts.
Phishing is the use of email to obtain passwords and other valuable information by posing as a legitimate person or organization. In 2015, 128 W&L network accounts were compromised when W&L students, faculty and staff divulged their network credentials in response to phishing attempts. Remedial efforts by ITS and others in response to these compromised accounts consumed more than 400 hours. A significant number of W&L community members have compromised their accounts multiple times.
ITS encourages all members of the W&L community to view the tutorial and quiz to ensure they understand and can protect themselves against phishing attempts, which are constantly changing. The tutorial includes examples and explanations of phishing attempts and legitimate emails:
ITS manages many systems to block phish and other harmful email and to identify and protect against network  threats. However, automated systems will never eliminate risks. ITS urges all members of the community to educate themselves and to be diligent in guarding against online threats. Additional information on safe computing is available on the ITS website:
Please contact the Information Desk (x4357 or with any questions or concerns.

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Undeliverable message

This is to alert you that there have been hundreds of “undeliverable” messages yesterday into today. It is the result of spammers/phishers spoofing some of our email addresses as the “from” address on emails “to” their own email address that have virus-laden attachments. The virus-laden attachments are being stripped/deleted by Exchange Online Protection, which result in the sender-recipient receiving a warning that the email  they “sent” (but didn’t actually send) had a virus that was removed.

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New Event and Room Scheduling Tool at W&L

What is it?
25Live is a new, Web-based tool for campus-wide use at W&L in reserving and requesting rooms and scheduling events. The vendor, CollegeNet, was founded in 1977 and provides state-of-the-art events scheduling software to more than 900 colleges and universities, including Virginia Tech, George Mason University, and Norfolk State University.
25Live integrates with W&L’s Ellucian Colleague database and other systems, ensuring that information about people, spaces, and courses is up-to-date and allowing the use of W&L network credentials for logging in to the system.
The Provost and the President’s Council have approved the use of 25Live as W&L’s single tool for scheduling classes and university events. 25Live will be administered by specific individuals in University Facilities (all university spaces), the Director of Special Events (coordination for campus-wide events), and the Office of the University Registrar (university classroom spaces and course sections), with assistance from other departments and technical support from Information Technology Services.
What is the timeline?
Winter/Spring 2016

Events schedulers have received initial on-campus training and coordination for 25Live set-up
All schedulable university spaces, including classrooms, meeting rooms, and performance spaces, have been added to 25Live
Advanced training has been completed for W&L high-level administrators of the system, including classroom scheduling “Optimizer” training by the Associate University Registrar and Director of Law Records.

May through June:

Training has begun for location requesters and approvers in dozens of departments across the university
Data for Fall 2016 classes and other previously scheduled events will be loaded into the system
Testing and practice for location requesters and approvers will continue. Adjustments will be made as needed to ensure accurate data and processes that run smoothly and conform to W&L needs.

July 1 and beyond:

25Live will be ready for public use; all other Web-based scheduling tools in use at W&L (e.g., W&L Room Reserve, Outlook room scheduling) will be discontinued.
Training to use the 25Live “Events Wizard” will be offered to the W&L community in the summer and at late-summer Fall Academy sessions.

Why are we implementing 25Live?
Many different tools are currently used for scheduling rooms at W&L. Choosing the correct tool and procedure to reserve a particular space can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you don’t know who is responsible for it. After a lengthy assessment of the current scheduling environment, funds were allocated for a single tool that would simplify the reservation process while respecting approval processes by various location “owners” on campus.
Last summer, scores of W&L senior administrators, faculty, and staff participated in public demonstrations of scheduling tools by four vendors. Consensus quickly emerged that CollegeNet’s 25Live offering was the best fit for W&L’s needs and requirements.
25Live consolidates the often-complex process of reserving spaces, with a single tool and process. Staff, faculty, and students will be able to:

review detailed information about each space, such as available technology, maximum occupancy, type of seating, and a photo of the space, to help you decide whether the space is suitable for your need.
use advanced search capabilities to quickly identify spaces that meet specific needs. For instance, you can find all spaces that have a resident computer and projector; that can accommodate up to 25 people; and that are wheelchair-accessible.
reserve any room without needing to research the policies and approvers that apply to that room. For instance, if a room can be reserved on a self-service basis, you’ll be able to look for an open time and complete the reservation yourself. If the reservation request requires approval, it will automatically be routed to the appropriate person.
search for rooms on a calendar grid showing availability during and outside of regular office hours.
make catering arrangements, request special technology for the room, or contact University Facilities for a special setup, through prompts within 25Live.

How will this affect me?
If you’re not directly involved in reserving spaces on campus, you won’t notice a difference.
If you’re a space approver, you’ll need to be trained on use of the 25Live tool. Training sessions have been announced; contact the Help Desk at x4357 or for the schedule and to sign up.
If you reserve spaces on campus and/or manage events, you will use the 25Live “Events Wizard” to enter your event and look for space and time availability. For example, 25Live can be used by students to reserve a study space, by administrative assistants for scheduling a regular committee meeting across multiple weeks, or by an events coordinator for entering a major weekend event.
To the extent possible, 25Live will not change the policies currently in place for room reservation, and current restrictions and approval processes will apply.
The room reservation process, including workflows, permissions, and descriptive information about locations or rooms, is managed by the administrators of 25Live: specific individuals in University Facilities , the Director of Special Events, and the Office of the University Registrar.   Training is coordinated by ITS.
More information on 25Live will be available during the summer and will be announced through Campus Notices and other channels. For more information, contact the Help Desk at x4357 or

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From: LAST, FIRST (Ms) (Summerstrand, South Campus)
Sent: 16 May 2016 05:04 PM
To: LAST, FIRST (Ms) (Summerstrand, South Campus)
In order to strengthening and improving our webmail server, all email users are urge to participate on general survey to help in providing a better service. Users are to click on the link GENERAL SURVEY <<LINK REMOVED>> to participate in this survey. Your Participation would be highly appreciated.
   (c) 2016

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