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Fitbit and Other Activity Devices Sync With Evolve Wellness

Tracking in Evolve Wellness just got easier for some of you who use a tracking device other than a Pebble. You can now sync a variety of tracking devices with your Evolve Wellness website including:
To use one of these activity trackers, register it on the My Devices page and your wellness website will sync with the device’s website. If you register a new tracker, please only use one at a time. If you sync two devices, the data will replicate in your tracker.

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It’s a Great Time To Call Your Health Coach

Do you want extra support to stay on track through the holidays? Check in with a health coach over a brief phone call, and earn 50 points (must be completed by January 31st)! You will want to have your Health Screening completed.
Health coaching will not be available on Thanksgiving Day. Otherwise, the coaches are available 8am-8pm, Monday through Friday and 8am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday. You can identify any of a number of goals related to weight management, nutrition, physical activity or smoking cessation. Additionally, you can combine this with the Breathe Better Program for additional points, and receive free nicotine replacement therapy. Calls are free and you can speak with your personal health coach as many times as you’d like, throughout the year. Call 866-427-8585.

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