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We had our last required event of Orientation week last night. Representatives from the Lexington Police Department and the Rockbridge County Sheriff’s Office talked with our first-year students and offered tips on how to stay safe in our community. Throughout the year members of the LPD will be joining us for programs in the residence halls as we work to build relationships between our students and the officers.
Earlier in the week the students learned about the Honor System, toured the campus and met representatives from International Education, the Career Development Center, and a number of other offices that will be important to them as they move through their college career.  They also enjoyed cotton candy and other carnival treats despite some rainy weather.
We will be sponsoring continuing Orientation sessions throughout the fall term on a number of topics.

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Reflections of a First-Year Student at Midterms!

My name is Robert DeLuca and I am from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am a first-year at Washington and Lee and so far, I couldn’t love it more. All of the students and faculty are incredibly nice and welcoming, which has helped to ease the transition to college life.
In terms of academics, I don’t think anyone comes to W&L expecting the classes and school work to be a walk in the park, and it’s not. But it’s not overwhelming by any means, and the professors are always there to help you. My favorite part of the academic side is the fact that in some classes, the professor will assign us a test and give a 3- or 4-day window to take it. This gives everyone ample study time and allows students the flexibility to manage their schedules. There is ample time to get your work done. The honor system and trust of students at W&L makes the academic side of school much more relaxed.
On the social front, the upperclassmen are kind and welcoming. They go out of their way to make us feel part of the community and are always emailing us and letting us know what they’re doing at night and inviting us to different places. Any night you need to blow off some steam and relax for a few hours, there’s something to do or somewhere to go.  You really never need a car to go out because the upperclassmen will always give you a ride or you can hop on Traveller, which is really nice. The social life in the residence halls is also incredibly fun. I live in Graham Lees in a single room, but I am not isolated from my hall mates and other residents. I usually leave my door open and people are constantly walking in and out, just to talk or hang out. I enjoy the fact that the speaking tradition follows you everywhere around the school. The other residents in Graham Lees also respect and understand that sometimes I have work to do and they always let me get my work done in my room in peace.
I have yet to find a bad part of this school, and if I ever do I will be surprised.

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Town Gown Relationships

I recently held the first of a regular series of meetings with senior officers from the Lexington Police Department and the Rockbridge County
Sheriff’s Office to discuss issues of mutual interest. In particular, I wanted to talk about how we can work together to keep our students safe.  As a result of this meeting, we have invited local law enforcement officers to come to campus and participate in a forum for students that Student Affairs will be sponsoring later this month.  We believe face-to-face communicationbetween these officers and our students  is important. Once we have a date and location finalized, we’ll advertise this opportunity.

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Shmoozing with Bagels — Hillel Bagel Brunch

On Monday, Hillel hosted its first Bagel Brunch of the year. New and returning students were able to meet the new director, Brett Schwartz, as well as Hillel officers, professors, and members of the community over bagels and coffee. The event was well attended and we are all so excited for our first Shabbat Tonight!  This year W&L brought in almost 30 Jewish students and we at Hillel are excited to celebrate the year to come with the entire Jewish community.
Stephanie Krasnov & Rimona Cartun
Washington and Lee University ’13

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Campus Rec and Outing Club Facebook and Twitter

Want to maximize your involvement while at college?
Connect with other students outside the classroom.
The first Outing Club meeting is Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 7pm in Elrod Commons.
IM soccer registration is underway.

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App Adventure

James Dick, who coordinated our Appalachian Adventure trips, just called to let me know that all of our students are doing great and will be returning to campus this evening or tomorrow.   We are looking forward to hearing about their adventures tomorrow night at the BBQ on-campus.  I’m sure they will enjoy sleeping in real beds and eating food they didn’t have to prepare in the woods.

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Chef’s Corner

You may have heard that the USDA has established a new graphic guide to healthy eating called MyPlate.  You will find the new plate graphic posted around the serving area in the Marketplace to help you make wise food choices.
There is nutritional information available on the Marketplace food in binders near the dish return along with some additional information for on line resources.

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Swipe it Home

You and Your University Card!  Have you gotten yours?
The University Card is your tool for everyday life on campus.  It is your W&L Student ID, your access to residential halls and campus buildings, your meal card, and your debit card for “general debit” purchases at laundry rooms and vending machines.  The University Card is your credit card at the University Bookstore, Auxiliary Services, Copy Services, Laundry Services, and with approved student organizations.  It is also your food debit card at all food venues on campus.  SAVE nearly 20% on all food purchases, when using your flex meal plan dollars at the Marketplace  and the Law School Brief Stop.
Swipe it home:
Charges as well as cash placed on your University Card for general debit and/or food debit can be charged home.
Need Answers?
Auxiliary Services is here to assist you!  We look forward to meeting each of you this year.  Stop by our office, located at the rear ground level of the John W. Elrod University Commons, give us a call at 540.458.8917, email us at or just leave a message here.
Welcome to Washington and Lee!

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Washington and Lee is an incredible place.  I hope this blog and our redesigned website will give you a sense of all the resources and opportunities available on campus and in the community.  We welcomed about half of the incoming first-year class on Sunday, and we are looking forward to meeting the rest of the class this weekend.  Campus is quiet during the summer.  It is nice to hear voices and see the smiling faces of sleepy football players at 7:00 a.m.

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Moving In

As we moved in some of our new first-year students this morning, I thought of last Saturday when I moved my sophomore daughter in to her dorm room at the University of Richmond.  What a different experience from when she was a first-year student.  In the halls there were shrieks and squeals as young women greeted each other after three long months apart. While you could sense a little apprehension as new roommates greeted each other, rooms were rearranged, and beds were selected, it was nothing like the palpable tension of last year. I didn’t have the knot in the pit of my stomach, and neither of us was fighting back the tears. It really is amazing what a difference a year makes.  And by the way she had a wonderful first-year despite
We have some great programs and people in place at W&L to help ease the transition during that first-year – RAs, professors, advisors, coaches, Student Affairs staff.  During Orientation and your first weeks on campus you will meet a number of these people.  They are all here to help you.

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