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It’s a Great Time To Call Your Health Coach

Do you want extra support to stay on track through the holidays? Check in with a health coach over a brief phone call, and earn 50 points (must be completed by January 31st)! You will want to have your Health Screening completed.
Health coaching will not be available on Thanksgiving Day. Otherwise, the coaches are available 8am-8pm, Monday through Friday and 8am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday. You can identify any of a number of goals related to weight management, nutrition, physical activity or smoking cessation. Additionally, you can combine this with the Breathe Better Program for additional points, and receive free nicotine replacement therapy. Calls are free and you can speak with your personal health coach as many times as you’d like, throughout the year. Call 866-427-8585.

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Register Now For The Season’s Eatings Challenge!

Want to make it through the holidays without packing on the pounds? This program will arm you with the survival skills and motivation you need to get from Halloween through New Years without gaining weight!
•Deal with the holiday blues and stress
•Clever tricks to enjoy a holiday meal without mindlessly overeating
•Learn filling foods that taste great and aren’t calorie bombs
Program Dates
Starts October 20, 2014 and Ends December 13, 2014.
How To Register
•Click the Register Here button by the Season’s Eatings logo on the homepage or in the Season’s Eatings box on the My Programs page.
•Click Submit on the registration page.
•Mark your calendar and begin tracking weight twice weekly starting on October 20th.
Registration closes on October 24th at 7:00pm ET.
How It Works
1. From the Evolve Wellness homepage, select My Trackers, then the Weight Tracker tab. Record your weight on at least 2 days of each week.
2. Each week, BeBetter Health will email you strategies and tips for holiday eating
3. Take the suggested steps to eat smart and avoid overeating
How To Get Credit
•Record your weight 2 days a week during the challenge (14 days total)
•If you maintain your weight or gain less than 2 lbs, you will earn 5 bonus points
Privacy Note: By law, your employer is not allowed to know your weight or other personal health information. Washington & Lee will only get a report indicating whether you tracked your weight 2 times a week. The leaderboard will only feature numbers of days tracked.
Rewards – What You Get!
•25 Wellness Points for tracking 2 times per week (14 days)
•5 Bonus Points for gaining less than 2 lbs during the challenge.
For more information, visit the Evolve Wellness website.

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Seats Available for the You Can! Live Well, Virginia Class

Earn 50 wellness points! Learn from others. Take a proactive approach to coping with your personal challenges associated with a chronic health condition or caring for someone who has a chronic condition. Diseases are different but the challenges individuals may experience are similar.  If you are stressed out by your condition or that of a loved one, experiencing chronic pain, fatigue, depression or anxiety as a result of a chronic condition, the You Can! Live Well, Virginia class may be just what you need! Attend this friendly and confidential class created by Stanford University as part of their efforts to improve health through self-management of chronic conditions.
You will spend time listening to 15 minute lectures, brainstorming with others, problem solving and creating weekly manageable goals that will enable you to better manage symptoms and increase your ability to cope with any challenging situation. Here is a testimonial from someone who recently completed this class:
“You and Susan Cross make a great team. You allowed us to explore some problems each of us had, but you kept us structured with the day’s plan. I felt encouraged in discovering new ways to assist me in coping with chronic pain and also felt, with more confidence, I could follow your guidelines for greater results…”
Contact Anne Remington ( or x8355) for more information or to sign up. Classes run for 6 weeks, starting Monday, February 10th. They are from 3:30-6:00pm in the Chavis Boardroom. Snacks and beverages will be provided.

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Speak with a Health Coach before February 1st and receive 50 Wellness Points!

Health coaching is available through the Evolve Wellness program.
Health coaches are available without appointment. They can be reached at 1-866-427-8585. If there are no coaches available you can leave a message with your contact information and a convenient time. A coach will return your call.
The health coach will start off by reviewing your biometric data. He or she can also answer specific questions related to your health and wellness. Have your biometric screening data on hand in order to get the most of your experience.
You will earn an additional 50 wellness points for completing your health coaching call prior to February 1st. After February 1st, the health coaching call will be worth 25 wellness points. Most importantly, you’ll be better equipped to reach your health goals and feel great.
If you have any questions regarding the wellness program please contact Human Resources at human or x8920.

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