Health and Fitness at Washington and Lee University

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Guided Walks During Spring Term Patti Colliton is offering guided walks for anyone who would like to get out and exercise with company during Spring Term. This is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with [...]
Wellness Year Ends on June 11th As of April 25th, 308 employees have met their wellness goal for this year and 59 employees are within 50 points of reaching their goal! Log in to Evolve Wellness to check your po [...]
Flexible Work Hours in the Summer Months The summer season will be here soon and some departments are able to offer flexible work arrangements. For example, coming to work early and ending the workday early, or working lo [...]
Congratulations! Congratulations to Stephanie and Dan Johnson on the birth of their son, Olin Richard Johnson, on April 11.  Dan is an Associate Professor of Psychology. [...]
April “Senior Sense”: Ask the Expert Q: My mother has had dementia for about five years, and each month it seems like there’s something new to worry about. How do I keep from burning out and letting this slow deteri [...]

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