Health and Fitness at Washington and Lee University

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Train Your Brain Wellness Challenge Our next Evolve Wellness challenge is the Train Your Brain challenge. Intellectual wellness is an important aspect of your overall wellness. The number of connections between brain [...]
Register for W&L Staff Development Week The fourth annual W&L Staff Development Week will be held on January 5-9, 2015. The purpose of the program is to provide professional development and training on skills and com [...]
Holiday Survival and Planning Tips from Weight Watchers The holiday season can be very daunting when you’re trying to lose weight. Rich food is everywhere, parties are so much more fun than exercising, and with a new year just aro [...]
Effective New Year’s Resolutions Click here for tips on setting goals for successful New Year’s Resolutions. [...]
Check out who’s receiving George and Bob bucks! Each year, employees receive a $30 pack of George and Bob Bucks. These are designed for you to show your colleagues appreciation for the small and big things they do to make your d [...]

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